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Okauchee Lake Yacht Club
Sailing & Racing Excellence Since 1936


About OLYC

About Okauchee Lake Yacht Club


The primary goal of the Okauchee Lake Yacht Club (OLYC) is to promote the sport of sailing and provide a social setting for those with a common interest of Okauchee Lake. OLYC is proud of the long history of developing quality racing fleets and sailors that are recognized as among the best nationally. The core of this goal is met by managing and supporting four primary racing fleets on the lake (C Scows, MC Scows, X Boats, and OPTI's). The Yacht Club also works closely with the Okauchee Lake Sailing School (OLSS) to provide fully staffed sailing classes to our youth sailors. In addition to racing, the club operates a fully functional clubhouse on the north shore of Okauchee Lake that supports social events for its membership throughout the year.


OLYC is a volunteer based organization and guided by the Board of Directors who oversee the operation of the club. Contact any of the board members for more information on membership.


Founded in 1936, the Okauchee Lake Yacht Club has a strong history of leadership. Below are the past commodores that have guided our club:

1936-38 Herbert Paringer

1939-41 Herman E. Friedrich

1942-43 Frank Treis

1944 Herman E. Friedrich

1945-46 A.W. Esser

1947-48 A.W. Henschel

1949 Karl Otto

1950-51 R.L. Bischoff

1952-53 W.A. Voell

1954-55 William Frankfurth

1956 Phillip Krueder

1957 Robert F Stelter

1958-59 John Schueler

1960-61 Richard Harris

1962-63 Walter Schmidt

1964-65 Ross Prange

1966-67 Donald Millar

1968-69 Robert F. Stelter

1970-71 Charles Ritter

1972-73 Allen Prange

1974-75 Herbert Jensen

1976-77 King Harte

1978-79 Thomas Kay

1980-81 Mark Prange

1982-83 Robert Henschel

1984-85 Richard Smith

1986-87 Dick Friedle

1988-89 Ken Jones

1990-91 Jeff Millar

1992-93 Steve Schmidt

1994-95 Robert K. Stelter

1996-97 David Smith

1998-99 Tim Kay

2000-01 Robert Prange

2002-03 John Murphy

2004-05 John Baumann

2006-07 Mark Smith

2008-09 Peter Pakalski  

2010-11 Alan Petelinsek

 2012-13 Scott Stetter  

2014-15 Terry Brandl  

2016-17 Susan Kay

2018-19 Kurt Prange

2020-21 Matt Prange

2022--23 Cindy Amato